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INVESTING IN PINK DIAMONDS – Maximise your Financial Return

There are “numerous key factors” to consider when purchasing an investment pink diamond for a maximum financial return. The first and most crucial part of investing is to pay the same price as a jeweller would (wholesale) and not their inflated retail price. As predominately the return sale of your investment will be at wholesale price, through an auction-house or retail jeweller.

“We are not diamond brokers or resellers, we are as close to the source as humanly possible with a pink diamond inventory second to none.”

There are many exclusive jewellers that specialise in pink diamonds and they all will try and convince you that purchasing from them is a wise investment. But when you consider the mark ups needed to cover their expensive rents and overheads, your length of time required to see a return profit will be dramatically increased. You must do your diligence, but trying to invest in a pink diamond without expert help could result in a poor financial decision.

“Projected closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine forecast to dramatically increase Pink Diamond prices.” – Rio Tinto

90% of the World’s productions of rare Pink Diamonds are mined in the far north of Western Australia at the Argyle Diamond Mine, the only location in the World where you can find the Intense Pink Diamonds.

With the confirmed 2020 closure of the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine leading World experts estimate that over the next few years the annual wholesale price will surpass the documented historical annual price increases. In the past 11 years Fancy Pink, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep and Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond prices have increased by 352%, making them one of the fastest growing hard assets in the World Today. (PWC)

11-year annual growth – Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC)

The three attributes, which determine the colour grade of a Pink Diamond, are:

HUE is the dominant colour of the diamond. Sometimes there are modifying colour or tints that affect hue. For example, a diamond with a pink hue may have a purplish tint.

SATURATION is the strength in the pink of the hue. Hue saturation in pink diamonds can range from light pink to intense, and at the strongest, saturation vivid.

TONE is the amount of lightness or darkness in the diamond. The range of tone extends from light to dark.

The second colour in a dual colour grade is always the dominant colour. The ‘ish’ refers to the modifying colour. For example Purplish Pink, Pink is the dominant colour.

“Exceptional things will always sell for exceptional prices” regardless of economic times” – Christie’s Auctions, London

When it comes to pricing, a Pink Diamonds origin makes a substantial difference to an investor. For example, a GIA Fancy Intense Pink Diamond from the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine can fetch a large premium over a Fancy Intense Pink Diamond with the same colour and clarity from another location.

Pink Diamond Origin:

  • Australia 90%
  • Other 10%

Taken from eBook: “The Essential Guide To Buying a Pink Diamond”, by Craig Leonard. Download your FREE COPY below.

In late 2016, Craig Leonard published the eBook The Essential Guide to Buying a Pink Diamond”, to help the public understand what to look for when investing in a Pink Diamond. Filled with expert knowledge and advice, this is not something you want to miss out on! Get your FREE COPY below.


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