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Argyle Investment Pink Diamonds

Wholesale Pink Diamond Prices direct to the public! 

Australia’s largest selection of certified Argyle PINK diamonds.

Pink diamonds are the fastest growing hard asset in the world today, and currently outperforms most other Australian investment options, including property and gold. Argyle Diamond Investments are “NOT brokers or resellers” we are as close to the source as humanly possible with an inventory second to only the Argyle diamond mine itself. Our experienced GIA and GAA accredited diamond experts are here to guide you through every step of the investment process.

With Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mine preparing to close, time is running out to secure your pink diamond investment. However, in these closing months, the rarity and value of pink diamonds are sure to rise, making now the perfect time to invest.

Argyle Diamond Investments helps you buy pink diamonds at wholesale prices, allowing you to maximise your assets. As fully accredited diamond experts and pink diamond specialists, we can help you secure your purchase from Argyle Diamond Mine’s limited stock.

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367 percent

price increase

in just 11 years

Argyle Diamond Mine to Close within 2 Years – Secure Your Investment Now

In the past 11 years Fancy Pink, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep and Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond prices have increased by 367% making them one of the fastest growing hard assets in the World Today. 90% of the world’s productions of Pink Diamonds are mined in the far north of Western Australia at the Argyle Diamond Mine, the only location in the world where you can find ‘intense’ Pink Diamonds.

With the now projected “early 2021” closure of the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine, leading pink diamonds wholesaler all to agree that over the coming years the annual price will easily surpass the documented historical annual price increases.

Argyle Diamond Investments allows you to buy pink diamonds at wholesale prices so you can maximise your future profit. Handmade to perfection buy Argyle Pink Diamonds from accredited pink diamond specialists, we can help you secure your purchase from the mine’s limited stock.

The Best Prices from Australia’s No 1 Supplier

Paying wholesale price for your pink diamond investment is the key to maximising returns on your asset. In most cases, the sale of your diamonds will be at wholesale prices, usually through an auction house or retail jeweller. By securing your investment for the same price a jeweller would pay – and not an inflated retail price – you can minimise the time required to see a return profit on your diamond investment.

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What to Look for When You Buy Pink Diamonds

For every one million carats of white diamond rough, only one carat is a gem-quality pink diamond! When choosing your investment, it is essential to examine its cut, colour and clarity.

For more detailed information on what to look for and what to avoid, download our free comprehensive e-book below.

Contact Australia’s largest pink diamond direct agent- Argyle Diamond Investments 

Buy your pink diamond investment before the permanent closure of the Argyle mine. With more than 25 years in the industry and a world-renowned collection, Argyle Diamond Investments can help you get in quickly. We sell pink diamonds direct to the public at wholesale prices! Contact us online or call (02) 4927 0000.


Buy Pink Diamonds for Self-Managed Super Funds

As the fastest growing hard asset in the world, pink diamonds could be perfect for your SMSF investment. Pink diamonds currently outperform other investment options, including property and gold. To maximise returns, talk to us about wholesale pricing.