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The average weight of an Argyle Pink Diamond has decreased by 20% in 2 yrs. Ask us why!


Pink Diamonds

Worried about fake rare coloured diamonds?
Argyle Diamond Investments has got your covered.

Rare coloured diamonds are high-value investments and it’s no surprise if one can find knock offs in the market. For your complete confidence, Argyle Diamond Investments only acquire rare coloured diamonds with certifications declaring it’s source and authenticity. The certifications also list the specific characteristics of the diamond to identify it conclusively.

GIA Coloured Diamond Grading Report

The GIA is a not-for-profit organisation, therefore has no financial interest in any of their certifications. The GIA Diamond Grading Report provides a full quality assessment of a coloured diamond including the colour grade and colour origin (natural or treated), carat weight, and clarity along with a plotted diagram of its clarity characteristics.

Argyle Providence Report

Without an Argyle Providence Report there is no way of guaranteeing the authenticity of your pink diamond.

The report features a unique lot number and outlines the diamond’s carat weight, shape, clarity and colour

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