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The average weight of an Argyle Pink Diamond has decreased by 20% in 2 yrs. Ask us why!


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Reselling your pink diamond

Argyle Diamond Investments offers all our clients a full resell service on their investment.

“Exceptional things will always sell for exceptional prices” (Christies New York). Demand is high and supply is extremely low. As per the basic rules of economics, this makes a Pink Diamond a very sound investment. When it comes to reselling, the profit is all in the original buying price.

Consider this… if you were to purchase a pink diamond at retail price from a jeweller or broker the higher price will mean potentially you will have to hold onto your investment for twice as long to see a return profit.

Purchasing from Argyle Diamond Investment allows you to pay a wholesale price for your pink diamond. Wholesale price is the same price the retail jeweller pays.

When it comes time to reselling your investment you have three main options, which are:

1. Sell your diamond individually. This may provide the greatest financial return however not everyone has the time or marketing skills that are needed to sell for the best price.

2. Sell the Pink Diamond through a reputable public auction house.

3. Place the Pink Diamond on consignment through an experienced Jeweller.

In both options 2 and 3, you will commonly only receive back the current wholesale market price at the time. This is why it is essential to be diligent and not to overpay in the initial purchase of your investment.

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