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Storage and Liability Cover for your Pink Diamond

We value the safety of your pink diamond investment. Argyle Diamond Investments can organise a high-security deposit box with one of our trusted partners, Guardian Vaults (NSW and Victoria) and Reserve Vault (Queensland).

With state of the art technology and unparalleled security, These Vaults offers high quality safety deposit box services to protect your valuable investment. With facilities in Melbourne, Sydney CBD and Queensland, these vaults are committed to conducting business with honesty, respect, integrity and professionalism.

Direct to Vault Transfer

For your utmost convenience and security, Argyle Diamond Investments will arrange for the transfer of your rare coloured diamond to the vault. There, it will be held in custody until you arrive, sign the necessary paperwork, and transfer it to the safety deposit box yourself. If you opt not to do the deposit in person, you can authorise Argyle Diamond Investments to deposit the diamond on your behalf at no extra cost.

You Own Your Box

You will have full private ownership of your safety deposit box. Only you and those you authorise can access it at any given time.

Fully Insured

Upon opening your safety deposit box, our storage partner can issue an liability cover certificate in your name corresponding to the nominated value of your investment that’s under their care.

Secure Australian Pink Diamond Storage Vaults

Guardian Vaults

With a wide selection of safety deposit boxes and storage for rent, secure jewellery storage is simple. Ideally, it’s best to keep your everyday pieces at home for easy access and your more prized pieces, like heirlooms you’d like to hand down, safely stored in a secure facility. It’s also a smart idea to have your jewellery professionally valued for Liability Cover purposes.

Storing jewellery at Guardian Vaults gives you the peace of mind it will be guarded under 24/7 monitored security. At the same time, you can access your Guardian Vaults storage unit 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday and alternate Saturdays between 10am – 1pm. So you can drop by pick something out at your convenience.

Downloadable PDFs : Delivery Booking FormFee ScheduleBrochure

Reserve Vault

Reserve Vault specialises in storing hard assets, be that precious metals bullion, fine art or collectibles.  Diamonds and precious gems are certainly one of the oldest forms of hard assets there are and as such deserve the best of secure care.

The inherent beauty of a hard asset is there is no counter party risk, they are no one’s liability.  It begs the question then, why introduce the risk of storing these in a financial institution?

Reserve Vault is an independent facility that provides nothing but secure storage.  Title to your precious stones or metal remains unambiguously in your name.

Downloadable PDFs : Price List : Insurance : Lease Agreement : Terms and Conditions

reserve vault

Storage prices may change. A quote from Guardian Vaults or Reserve Vault for your requirements can be made at the time of purchase.

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